Farwest Farm Tours


Come on in and view the live milkings of our cows where you will be talked through a detailed presentation of our farming operation. Once milking is done, you will have the opportunity to give the cows what they love most – a good old pat and a scratch.

Here at Farwest Farming we are proud of our cows and caring of the environment. Situated just 45mins drive north of the glaciers, we farm some of the cleanest, greenest and most prestine land this country has to offer.

Our farm tours are at 2pm every day (1 October–1 May).

We are young and enthusiastic and love to share our animals, land and culture with the rest of the world. Bring the whole family along as we cater for all ages. If you love animals and culture then you will love your visit to Farwest Farm Tours.

Map & Directions

200 Wanganui Flat road, Hari Hari, New Zealand 7884

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